Monday, October 27, 2008

Outdoor Photos - Malaysia Mountains and Peaks

Ever heard of this saying “take nothing except photos and leave nothing except your foot prints”, I could not agree more with that, what more it should be cultured up to spine of every person. So that no one would naively feel their right to take out anything they found from our rainforest jungle. I’m not against practice of harvesting jungle produce and swine hunting but it should be done sensibly and reserve area really meant to be reserved. I have no trophy brought home from mountains but these photos that would remind me back of those memories..

Bukit Tabur Hill, Kuala Lumpur, present perfect angle view Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Sunrise view on Mount Trus Madi, Sabah, Borneo

Sunrise view on Mount Tebu, Besut Terengganu, present the view of Perhentian Island, Redang Island, & South China Sea

Natural Lollipop on Pine Tree Trail of Fraser Hill, Pahang

Nepenthes or locally known as Periuk Kera crudely translate as Monkey pot :) . This one found on Mount Trusmadi have different look from their sibling in Peninsula in form of wider mouth and crooked body

Mt. Rajah, Raub Pahang, one of the Mountain that have near 360 degree view. Have great view of sunrise, Genting Highland & Fraser Hill Town

One of steep steps of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah Borneo

Mount Batu Puteh, Perak in the morning

View on Mount Irau, Cameron Highland
View of Malacca straits & Perak River from Mount Batu Puteh

Rare wild orchild in Bonsai Garden on Gunung Tebu

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Affordable Gas Camping Stove for Sale WILD model HM166-L7

New cool gadget has arrived in town. 100s unit has sold so far, and lot more waiting for lucky new owners. The stove has wide stand and wide hand look stabile enough for 4 liter pot. Can be used with any compatible butane gas cartridge as shown, the cartridge is the same model normally used with portable/laptop stove. Have reasonable weight and every stove come with attractive black and orange cover. Priced for RM55 plus RM5 for delivery charge for destination in Malaysia, that would put this stove as the most affordable in the market. Those interested can contact Norazizi at +60122926413.

Detail Specification:
Size : 135x165x85mm
Weight : 365g
Gas Exhaustion : 100g/hr
Power : 6000 BTU
Gas : Butane
Material : Cooper, stainless steel, steel

latest update : all stock cleared

This model is the most affordable camping gas stove but not necessarily will be the best one. A lot of this WILD stove character that far from my liking. Myself would rather use my Camping Gaz stove and my Kovea spyder gas stove for my expedition.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Going into wilderness is no joke. What more if you won’t see the civilization for many days. It isn’t just fitness and endurance, it demands more than just that. Years in mountaineering activities help me to identify some frame of mind that share by mountaineers or general ethics what they should possessed.

#1 Micromanage – go into details
You cannot afford to leave your headlamp at home when you have to trek overtime hours into dark night through dense jungle to reach next campsite. Before every trip experienced mountaineers need to preplan what they going to face. Body conditioning is a must up to level match with what the trail demand. Maintaining checklist of individual equipments and personal needs is important. Meeting and discussion between members held to discuss regarding essential things - equipment, rations, route, schedule, task, cost, transport, etc

USE IT – at work
Handle all projects bestowed on you like a perfectionist. Show your capability to see small but important things that other worker used to forget. Take time to think out every little routine you have ahead.- Plot the meetings, errands, and deadlines you have ahead of you. You will be more efficient at work!

#2 knows your team.
Every person has unique strength and weaknesses. I know what to expect from them, and they know what to expect from me.

Place suitable people for right jobs. Know the character of your subordinates and co workers, just pick up the most vocal of them all then half of leading is settled.

#3 Be a team player
Be aware that you are not trekking alone. Otherwise you won’t dare to, and will not get the opportunity to see what others don’t . Except that you are exceptional or practitioner of singulars idea. Complement each other. If my team mate already set up the campsite, I would volunteer to get water supply. Outdoor enthusiast would always meet new people. Theirs capability to mix together at first meeting would always amaze me.

Your team is stronger with united head. A team player would blend easily with others and new situation. If you could blend easy and fast with new situation then that would be an edge advantage for you. Be flexible!

#4 Control your emotion
Nothing dangerous than a hiker who amuck on mountain. Mountaineering needs all physical and mental strength. Sometimes only mental strength that would make you going after days of trekking, when your body can’t take no more. Emotional wreck will not last long in outdoor activities. Either they have enough of the challenges or others just don’t want him to be part of them. Sensitive level goes north when physical body is challenge. But bear in mind that you are not the only one. Mountaineers know not only where to place their step but also their head.

Get your emotion in check whether in relationship, works, sport etc. You don’t want to be label as a psycho right.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008



Mountain Name/ Mountain Range /Location /Height (m)
2 Mount Trus Madi /Trus Madi Range/ Sabah 2,642
3 Mount Tambuyukon /Crocker Range /Sabah 2,597 my expedition on Nov 2009
4 Mount Murud /Sarawak 2,423
5 Mount Mulu /Sarawak 2,376
6 Mount Tahan /Tahan Range/ Pahang 2,187 My expedition to Mt Tahan on July 2008
7 Mount Korbu/ Titiwangsa Mountains/ Perak 2,183
8 Mount Yong Belar /Titiwangsa Mountains /Pahang 2,181
9 Gunung Gayong /Pahang 2,173
10Mount Chamah /Kelantan 2,171
11Mount Yong Yap /Titiwangsa Mountains /2,167
12Mount Ulu Sepat/ Kelantan 2,161
13Mount Batu Puteh/ Perak 2,131
14Mount Tama Abu 2,112
15Mount Irau /Pahang 2,110
16Mount Benom/ Pahang 2,107
17Mount Apd Runan 2,103
18Mount Gerah /Perak 2,102
19Puncak 6852 2,088
20Bukit Batu Buli /Sarawak 2,082
21Mount Tumang Batak 2,080
22Mount Berembun/ Pahang 2,077
23Mount Bilah 2,076
24Mount Bieh 2,073
25Mount Belatok 2,073
26Bukit Batu Lawi /Sarawak 2,046
27Mount Batu Brinchang /Pahang, Perak 2,032
28Mount Lumarku/ Sabah 1,900
29Mount Bintang /Bintang Mountains /Kedah, Perak 1,882
31Mount Api /Sarawak 1,750
32Mount Benarat /Sarawak 1,585
33Gunung Ulu Jernih/ Bintang Mountains/ Perak 1,577
34Mount Nuang/ Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Selangor 1,493
35Mount Ophir / Ledang Johor 1,276

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