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South East Asia Highest Mountain

South East Asia Highest Mountain

Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Malaysia and the highest mountain in South East Asia (SEA).. Some may argue that there several mountains higher than Mount Kinabalu such as Mount Puncak Jaya (Carstenze Pyramid) in Irian Jaya or Mountains in Myanmar. Puncak Jaya located in Indonesia which is member of ASEAN but Irian Jaya Island is located on tectonic plate of Oceania not of Southe East Asia, thus disqualified the mountain as the highest mountain in SEA. If we want to consider mountains in Myanmar we will end up not knowing the final list because a lot of Mountain Peaks there still not yet discovered. At North of Myanmar laying the end of himalaya mountain range with various Mountain peaks higher than Puncak Jaya and Mount Kinabalu but this mountain range in located on Asia Mainland not specifically as SEA. Then the highest Mountain in SEA is Mount Kinabalu :)

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Mount Kinabalu Malaysia

south peak

At more than 4000 meters height. Mount Kinabalu in Sabah is not only the highest point in Malaysia, it is also the highest point in South East Asia. This is one of must climb mountain in Malaysia for its beauty and challange. I climbed this mountain in Mac 2005 and truly astounded by its unique beauty. The climb would take two days preferably. It include spend the one night at Laban Rata hut before summiting in the early hours of the morning in time for sunrise on Borneo’s highest point. The climb is not particularly technical but it is real test for fitness and endurance. However it does offer opportunity for wall climbing enthusiast to test skill on various kind of rock face on the granite plateau. Check this couple wall climbing experience around Gurkha Hut - .
Shadow of Low's Peak fall on Horizon as sun rise over

This is the mountain that gives you opportunity to experience different kind of climate as your climb increase along the trail. From thick rainforest with high tree gradually changes to pine tree and shorter bonsai, small orchid and finally barren granite at the final part of the mountain on the summit plateau. The temperature gradually drops at higher altitude and with sun move down for the night. For local climber this is only mountain in Malaysia that could give you altitude sickness. Steep ascend from Timpohon base camp and high gain of altitude in short period could give problem for some as your body don’t have enough time to acclimatize. From my experience dizziness that someone could feel as reaching Laban Rata or Gunting Lagadan could be relieved by taking hot shower, not need for Panadol or aspirin. The trek is clear and properly maintained. Proper stairs even built on certain part of the trail. You could climb this mountain in stylish way in your new designer sport pant and flashy sport shoes as it’s won’t likely that your pant got shred by thorny rattan, got stuck in mud or crawling for way unless you drop yourself on the slippery trek. Bear in mind that the trail is constant ascend from the start, all up no down and not much flat part. There are various routes to Climb Mount Kinabalu which is differ in term of difficulty level and day taken and require some technical climbing. For normal climber it is better to stick on the commercialize route. There are also various mountain hut on the plateau such as Gurkha hut that reaching these huts would require different pass than the normal one.

at beautiful Mount Kinabalu Cliff on the way down

Visit Official Website of Sabah Tourism Agency for detail information on Mount Kinabalu and other actractive places in Sabah Borneo

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