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'Missing' American Tourist hiking in Gunung Tahan

Assumed 'Missing' American Tourist Jacob Neil Boehm merely had gone hiking in Gunung Tahan Taman Negara Malaysia National Park

Another story of hiker gone "missing". This time the hiker not missing in the one million years old of Gunung Tahan Rainforest trail but just a "miss"communication with its family. What really happen is this guy forgot to inform those who really important to him; his family. Fortunately this group has registered with National Park Rangers Office and that has proven a wise move as that clear the "situation". Read More About The Story--- An American student, who was reported missing in Jerantut, Pahang after his arrival from Thailand last week, had merely gone hiking in Gunung Tahan.

 the assumed missing american tourist merely had gone hiking in Gunung Tahan Trail
The "Missing" American Tourist Jacob Neil Boehm

The American Tourist; Stanford University student Jacob Neil Boehm, 22, who was travelling through Asia during the summer holiday, had been keeping in touch with his parents back home on a regular basis.

The search for Jacob, who also holds German citizenship, started after last Sunday when his parents had not heard from him.

His parents Bruce Boehm and Nancy Luberoff had lodged reports with the US and German embassies in Malaysia, which then notified the Malaysian authorities and at least three Facebook pages were set up by family and friends to help in the search for him. 

His friends had also started disseminating information on his missing on Google+ social network.

US embassy press officer Harvey Sernovitz confirmed that they had received a report from Jacob's parents saying their son was missing , and that the embassy was keeping in touch with the local authorities to locate him.

However, apparently, the 1.8-metre tall music student had gone to scale Gunung Tahan in Pahang on Wednesday and did not tell his family about it. National Park ranger Abdul Kadir Hashim said the US embassy had contacted them and checks revealed that the man had applied for a hiking permit at the mountain."From our record, Jacob and three other tourists had checked-in at the entry point to Gunung Tahan on Wednesday morning.

"He is not missing, as we had found records of him travelling and the accommodation where he stayed for the past week."Maybe he did not tell anyone that he was going hiking, and had made his family worried," he said.That was about 4pm. An hour later, checks with Kadir revealed that Jacob had arrived safely at the Kuala Tahan's park ranger counter."He arrived at our office in Kuala Tahan about 5pm, which is a lot earlier than we expected."When he arrived, our officers told him that everybody was looking for him, and that his family was very worried for his safety."Jacob apologised and said that he did not expect that his action would cause so much trouble," he said. A lesson learned for the "missing" american tourist. Something to learn also for other hikers, whether it is on Gunung Tahan Trail or on other less supervised trails; report your hiking trip to nearby police station beforehand is a very wise move.

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Read more: 'Missing' American had gone hiking in Gunung Tahan


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